We started off with an intent to serve the community and be a part of their happy times. So Leonia Legion Events is an events organizing company with our own spacious halls and kitchens. We have been home to local events since 1919 and are the heart and soul of our community.

We have been the anchor of our community since 1919. Our storied hall has served generations of veterans and their families and continues to do so presently. To date, we stick to our basic motive of serving our neighborhood. We began with the intention of easing up things for families around us and we are proudly doing that even today. Hold your special event at the Leonia Legion.

For the past 100 years plus, The Leonia Legion hosts baby, bridal, and engagement showers! Host your birthday or anniversary parties here! If you have a group event, we can accommodate your next gathering. Leonia residents and neighbors trust the Leonia Legion for their most important events!




Hold your civil or religious ceremony or just your reception as so many couples have over the years! Let us be the place you celebrate your new family with your loved ones!


For kids from one to ninety-two Post ! has hosted hundreds of birthday parties as family and friends celebrate another trip around the sun!


Celebrating milestones and rites of passage are ingrained in Post 1, as Graduate have been celebrating with us for nearly a century!!!


We aim at making things easier for our clients by helping them through the big days of their life. Family gatherings, cultural events, and business meetings can be quite difficult to manage. We help our clients enjoy their day and we take their responsibilities, adding up to their joy.


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